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June 4, 2018 No Comments
Looking for 15 to 20 senior students who are interested in volunteering on August 15th at the Children’s Resources On Wheels  Annual Sprinkler Party!  It’s a huge event that sees 500 plus people attending from all over Lanark County.  
Date: Wednesday, August 15. 2018 
Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm – volunteers will work on rotation to ensure everyone able to have breaks.  Start and end times may vary once we are closer to the date of the event.
Location: Mill of Kintail, which is located a few minutes past Almonte.
Responsibilities (not limited to):  Directing cars to free parking spaces (under the direction of an adult volunteer parking co ordinator)
                                                             Helping set up, run and take down activity stations
                                                             Covering lunch and bathroom breaks for staff and volunteers
                                                             Greeting and playing with families 
* All student volunteers will be working with both team members from CROW, or an adult volunteer.
Contact: Jennifer Coughlin, our receptionist at CROW, can be reached at 613 283 0095, or by email at reception@crowlanark.ca.
Volunteers are a so important in helping us make the Sprinkler Party a wonderful day for all who join us!
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