Summer is a Great Time to Get Your Volunteer Hours!

June 18, 2018 No Comments

Hi Bears,

We want to remind you all that summer is a great time to get volunteer hours done.  Remember:  forty (40) hours are required for graduation in Ontario.  Students MAY NOT accept payment for performing any community involvement activity.  Here’s a link to help guide you as to eligible and ineligible activities:

If you follow the link above, there is also a copy of the community involvement form that you will need to print out, fill out, get signed, and submit to Guidance in the fall.  Please note:  If you are completing hours over a series of days, you MUST keep track of the specific dates and number of hours on each date.  (You can just write that list on the back of the sheet if it’s long.)

Hope this helps.  We wish you all a safe and fun summer!

–Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Gagnon, and Mrs. Winter

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