Live Life Unfiltered Visits CPHS

December 21, 2018 No Comments

Live Life Unfiltered Visits CPHS

Former CPHS grads, Keisha and Teagan Simpson, have collaborated to start an initiative that will hopefully change the way that young women view themselves: to Live Life Unfiltered. Currently attending their final year at Bishop’s University, enrolled in the Business Program, the young ladies found there was a need for a social media platform that would share the stories of young women, while trying to relate their stories to their followers.

The Simpson’s spoke to the grade 12 High Performance Leadership course, grade 11 Working with Infants and Toddlers course, grade 11 Health for Life course, and the grade 9/10 girls’ Health and Physical Education course, to spread their message. Having delivered their message to over 600 individuals thus far, this was their first opportunity to speak with high school students. To this point, 300 women ranging in age from their late teens to mid-twenties, have been interviewed by Live Life Unfiltered. The individual one-on-one discussions focus on sharing what is the individual’s favourite thing about herself, what insecurity they may have, what is the biggest stress in their life, do they feel pressured to conform to or portray a certain image, and so forth. 

The Live Life Unfiltered initiative is using Instagram, a medium filled with filters and “likes,” as the platform to share their important message. Having only gone “live” on November 1, their initiative has already reached countries such as the United States, France, Holland, England, Jordan, Morocco, Mexico, and beyond.

The main message from Live Life Unfiltered is: “We want women to be able to relate to others and not compare themselves to others.”

The Live Life Unfiltered  can be found on Instagram: @livelife_unfiltered

Their next #AsSheIs challenge is set for February 1, 2019.


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