Intermediate Students and Staff Participate in an Upcoming 30 Day Challenge!

January 11, 2018 No Comments

From Monday, January 15th through Wednesday, February 14th, CPHS Intermediate staff and students will take part in a 30 Day Challenge.  The purpose for this challenge is to bring more positivity to our everyday lives through making healthier choices … fitness, reduced screen time, more social interaction, giving back to the community or volunteering.  Our goal is for staff and students to select something that challenges them through perseverance and determination over the 30 days.  Students will be required to select a challenge, complete an action plan and have their parents and homeroom teacher sign a 30 Day Challenge contract.  Parents, we are asking for your assistance at home over the course of the thirty days.  Please remind students to complete their challenges daily, set up a reminders schedule at home, discuss obstacles and success during the challenge and reflect about how this challenge is adding to their lives.


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