Honour Roll Assembly

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Carleton Place High School had an opportunity recently to celebrate outstanding academic achievement through its annual Honour Roll assembly. More than 175 students were recognized for having earned averages over 80% (based on specific criteria) in the 2018-2019 school year.

Each student from grade 9 to 11 who accomplished this was presented with a certificate of recognition. Furthermore, last year’s grade 11s, who are now potentially graduating students, will have the chance to make Honour Roll again at their Commencement in June.

The three students in each grade with the highest averages were also awarded a gold, silver, and bronze medallion, respectively. All of the medallists had averages above 90%. Extra congratulations were extended to: Hayley Carroll (gold), Andrew Culhane (silver), and Sydney Armitage (bronze) for grade 9; Abigail Prince (gold), Rylie Dods (silver) and Madison McKittrick (bronze) for grade 10; and Mackenzie Armitage (gold), Isabel Walford (silver), and Marisa Timmins (bronze) for grade 11.

The more than 600 students of Carleton Place High School were challenged by administration to continue to strive for excellence in all they do. The Honour Roll assembly is one of the yearly highlights for staff and students alike.

2018-2019 Grade 9 Honour Roll 2018-2019 Grade 10 Honour Roll 2018-2019 Grade 11 Honour Roll
Voilet Amey-Quade Gabriel Allan Mackenzie Armitage
Madison Armitage Ana Antonakos Robyn Beverley
Sydney Armitage Hannah Baker Taylor Birrell
Mackenzye Brewster-Reeves Cassidy Banks Abby Booth
Kiera Buchanan Cameron Bennett-Ferland Mikayla Bowes
Lily Burtch Cameron Bernique Pyper Brandino
Will Callan Grace Blais Jayden Brown
Hayley Carroll Leah Bunker Riley Buchanan
Sara Chapman Annika Burnside Abigail Cameron
Becca Cooke Blake Callan Iara Carrero Falcao
Brayden Cooley Emily Carriere Angelus Carter
Andrew Culhane Madison Cram Mark Chapman
Kendall Dack Annika Culhane Tiernan Currie
Chelsea-Lynn Derraugh Graham Darlington Connor Dunbar
Jeremy Dods Isaac Desmarais Dylan Fortington
Griffin Dyck Rylie Dods Abbie Giles
Nayo Enwu Emily Doxey-Allin Lisa Hartill
Katie Flatters Lauren Doxey-Allin Matthew Holden
Rebecca Giles Ashley Dyke Emma Huibers
Breckin Gormley Ayanna Edwards Cameron Janes
Finn Hallam Madison Elliott Bryce Jones
Jason Hartill Skylar Etherington Noal Kenny
Eddie Hebert Emily Fitzpatrick Breanna Lunn
Sadie Hilton Lydia Georgison Emily MacDonald
Darius Joho Mollie Grabe Rebecca MacDonald
Evan Kantel Alexa Hardie Lilly Maher
Nicholas Kean Jack Havel Renee Major
Dale Kenny Lillianna Jackson Kaeden Martens
Ellis Kinnaird Shaena Jakob Chloe Maxwell
Leah Maher Akari Kishida Eryn McAllister
Alora Mahoney Aaron Letourneau Sydney McCambley
Conrad Mahoney Karlee Luciano Emma McCormick
Austin Martin Ava Massey Hayden Morden
Aiden McCooeye Norah Massey Lilah Nezan
Mitchell McNeely Zoe Matthews Owen Perks
Will Meabry Wyatt McClelland Zoey Read-Stafford
Cameron Nield Madison McKittrick Jackson Reis
Jessica Peters Zoe Mills Jordan Ricketts
Adam Pleau Sierra Molloy Spencer Ritchie
Mason Porteous Noah Monette Jeremy Scott
Regan Rathwell Julie Moulton Alana Spearman
Jarrett Reis Callum Murphy Julia Stanzel
Emma Sargeant Keshav Narula Larissa Syme
Jack Shera Heidi Nephin Mason Thompson
Kate Smarzik Haylee Nezan Gracelyn Thompson-Lucas
Zoe Vance Jesse Osborne Marisa Timmins
Reagan Vandrish Hannah Pentz Alyssa Tremblay
Calla Wallace Landon Porter Mikayla Van Der Ham
Marissa Wayte Sutherland Potter Cooper Vandervaart
Anastasia Wei Abigail Prince Michael Vaugan
Laura White Drue Puckett Emma Vaughan
Zoe Wills Paislee Puckett Isabel Walford
Lynsey Wright Nicole Sellers Cassie Walker
Abby Skeaff Jenna Wicks
Kayla Smith Nicholas Yurick
Trinity Snedden Malyk Zalzalah
Brenden Usher Mete Zincirli
Meghan Varcoe
Liam Wallace
Fran Webster-Liber
Emmett White
Olivia White
Rihana Yach



Last school year, the University of Waterloo Math Contests were written by more than 73,000 students from 1600 schools worldwide. Last week, CPHS recognized the 12 CPHS students that participated in grades 9, 10 and 11 last year.

Andrew Culhane received the gold medal for having the highest score in the grade 10 contest at CPHS while also meeting a high minimum standard set by the University of Waterloo.

Congratulations to all on their achievements and we hope to have many writing the contests in February of 2020!


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