Elizabeth Manley Delivers Message of Hope and Persistence to CPHS Students

September 12, 2014 No Comments

Grade 9-12 students at CPHS were held spellbound by a modest Canadian legend on Wednesday.  Elizabeth Manley detailed her challenging rise in the skating world and described the almost insurmountable events that almost prevented her from becoming an Olympic silver medallist.  Manley faced many challenges along the way including her parents’ break-up, the loss of coaches, challenges from the media, terrible living conditions, poverty, and clinical depression, right up until the last 24 hours before her long program at the Calgary Olympics which cemented her position as a Canadian legend.  Along the way she was buoyed by the message from her mother that everything happens for a reason and a fierce spirit of determination.

The school would like to express it profound thanks to Elizabeth for her inspirational story and to the Carleton Place Drug Strategy Committee for their sponsorship of the event.

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Principal Eric Hardie, Carleton Place High School CPHS

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