Don’t Miss This Gem of a Musical ~ CP 200+ : Time to Remember

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Don’t miss your chance to see this gem of a musical review. CP 200+ : Time to Remember is  an original musical show in homage to the 200th Anniversary of Carleton Place and the people who have made it the town we know today!

Imagine this: A young boy fleeing bullies, takes refuge in the Carleton Place Museum. To conceal himself, he goes through a door and comes upon a magical archive. Inside the archive, every item, scroll, and record, when touched, brings history to life. Inhabiting the archive are amazing characters who know all about the history of Carleton Place, including the museum curator, an historian and a trapper. They encourage the boy to learn—from our past and present—how the threads of love, time, death, sacrifice and community weave together to create a beautiful tapestry. In doing so, the boy also learns to find his courage and that many amazing things can happen in a small town just as in any place in the wider world.

Songs you know and love as well as some less familiar will lead you through touching and dramatic vignettes, all linked to important people and events in our checkered history. You will witness the Battle of Balligiblin, and hear about the age of Temperance. You will see the trials and tribulations early settlers faced.  You may catch a glimpse of Roy Brown, Stompin’ Tom, Annie Duff and many more.

There are 7 performances between November 14th and 23rd. Go to to learn more.  Or go directly to for your tickets.



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