CPHS Boys’ Soccer Team Travelled to EOSSAA in Arnprior

June 4, 2018 No Comments


On Tuesday May 29, the CPHS boys soccer team travelled to Arnprior to participate in the EOSSAA boys soccer championship. The team began its participation with a game against KCVI from Kingston. The CPHS team went ahead in the score with a penalty shot nicely taken by Kristian Johnson after a foul against Bailey Brazeau. However, the KCVI team which prepared through many games in their league in addition to numerous exhibition games tied and turned the score around and won the game with a score of 1 to 4.  The KCVI went on to win the EOSSAA championship. Later the CPHS team played their last game and defeated ECLE from Cornwall with a score of 4 to 1. Two goals were scored by Bailey Brazeau and 2 by our team captain Kristian Johnson. Kristian’s last goal came after a ball from the right corner side went to the box area.  Kristian brilliantly bicycle kicked the ball into the opponent’s net.

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