Classes Begin Tuesday, September 4th!

August 28, 2018 No Comments

8:00am  Gr 9-12 students are asked to report to the gym for the Welcome Back Assembly.

Period 1 classes will be posted in the Gym.  Timetables will be distributed during Period 1 classes (Grades 9-12).

Lockers will be assigned during Period 1 Classes (Grades 9-12).  Please move in to your assigned locker.  If there is already a lock on your assigned locker, please see Mrs. Sweeney.  DO NOT take another open locker as it is probably assigned to another student who has not yet put on their lock.  Dudley locks must be purchased from the school ($5) and can be purchased in the office.

Grade 9 students who were not able to attend orientation will pick up their orientation packages from their Period 1 teacher.


8:00 am  Gr 7-8 students are to report to the Cafetorium and will meet their Homeroom teachers.

Lockers will be assigned during Homeroom Classes.




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