Christmas Concert and Genius Hour Projects Generate Warm Reception

December 12, 2014 No Comments

Last night’s Christmas concert, featuring a large number of groups, was a big hit.  The Intermediate band, which included several students who only just started playing in September, was warmly received; the band has grown from 6 members last year to 30 members this year.The evening culminated with a sing-a-long of Christmas classics with the Gold Band.  Congratulations to all of the musicians and singers for an excellent night of entertainment.

In addition, grade 7/8 volunteers showed off some of the great work they’ve been doing with the Genius Hour project where students pursue areas of personal interest and share their learning with others.  Video games, engineering projects, murals and fashion, amongst others, were all on display in the great hall previous to the concert.  All students in 7/8 will be displaying their Genius Hour projects on Wednesday of next week.

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