Administration of Medication Information and Form

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Do you have a student who may need to be administered medication at school?  If so, please review the following information from the board.  The required form can be downloaded here: Authorization for Administration of Medication


Effective October 1, 2010 the Upper Canada District School Board will no longer administer prescribed medication for students without the authorization of a licensed physician and medication must be received within a labelled pharmacy bottle.

The administration of prescription and / or non-prescription medication to a student is the responsibility of the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s).  Treatment regimes should, where possible, be adjusted to avoid administration of medication (prescription/non-prescription) during school hours.

The Board recognizes that there may be exceptional cases where a student must have medication administered during regular school hours.  Students are not permitted to self-administer without the appropriate supervision and authorization on file.


The following steps must be followed:

1.         The Authorization for the Administration of Medication form must be completed and signed by a licensed physician and/or the parent(s)/guardian(s).  This form will need to be completed for every new school year and/or for each medication which requires administration by the school.  Should there be a dosage change for any medication a new form must be submitted. 


2.            All prescribed medication must be received within a pharmacy bottle and the label on the bottle must provide instruction on how to administer such medication.  The pharmacist medication information sheet must also be provided with the Authorization for Administration of Medication form. Non prescribed medication must be in its original packaging.  

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